Services That We Offer

Integralis has a wide range of IT services available to help our customers minimise the time they spent managing the environment, and maximise their investment:

Virtual IT Department

Designed for companies without dedicated IT departments, Integralis support packages ensure that IT problems are dealt with quickly or averted before they arise so that you can continue to operate
at the high standards that your clients expect. 

We provide a range of IT support packages tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.  From companies requiring large-scale networking support to one-off emergency visits we will ensure that we meet your business needs.

IT Consultancy

We provide comprehensive IT consultancy covering every aspect of your operations.  We will ensure that your business makes efficient use of your existing IT systems and discuss with you how you can better achieve your business aims using improved IT solutions. 

We provide training so that your staff members will be well equipped to deal with many of the most common IT systems encounter.  This should reduce your spending on emergency support as well as improve your company’s response rate to IT problems. 


Cloud Services

Looking to move to the Cloud? Public, Private, IAAS, SAAS - Salesforce, Office365, Adobe Creative Cloud - there are many options available. Integralis will look at your business and advise on the best use of the various cloud solutions available to reduce costs and risk, and to improve productivity.

Procurement & Licensing

Looking for a quick and reliable source of hardware, software and licensing? Need someone to keep track of your agreements and map out the renewals for you? Our customer service team are experienced in all aspects of sourcing products quickly and at the best possible price.


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