Sharepoint Development

Why do you need Sharepoint Development?


Reduce licensing costs and complexity. Whilst many business requirements can be met by configuring Sharepoint's out-of-the-box features and workloads, some (particularly those involving very specific systems or processes) require functionality that can only be delivered through custom code.

Our developers have expertise covering the full Microsoft stack (Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL, .NET) as well as modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript and more.
This experience allows our team to utilise a wide range of existing code basis, saving your development project time and money.

Our developers can extend the functionality of Sharepoint's native workloads (e.g. workflow, search or analytics) to create a bespoke Sharepoint App.
This Sharepoint App can then be packed up and deployed to your organisations App Catalogue so that end users can access it in the same way they would from a consumer App Store.