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SteelApp™ (formerly called Application Delivery or Stingray)

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Get the most out of your applications with the Riverbed SteelApp product family. As software, its components work within cloud environments and are easily integrated into application stacks. It is the industry’s only complete software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller (ADC) with integrated web content optimization (WCO) and application firewall. 

SteelApp™ Traffic Manager in the Cloud (formerly Stingray Traffic Manager in the Cloud)

Why does the cloud need a software ADC? The Cloud offers companies greater flexibility, scalability and cost control than other IT infrastructures. Software Application Delivery Controller like SteelApp Traffic Manager, with its form factor, provides the same advantages.

SteelApp™ Traffic Manager (formerly Stingray Traffic Manager Software)

Give your end users a highly available, high-performance experience with SteelApp Traffic Manager. This full-featured virtual Layer 7 ADC (application delivery controller) does far more than balance workloads your enterprise websites and cloud services. It also controls and optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing, and routing application traffic.

SteelApp Web App Firewall (formerly Stingray Application Firewall Software)

Protect your web applications against known and unknown threats with SteelApp Web App Firewall. This dynamic sentry secures your public, private, and hybrid web applications at the application layer. It is easily deployed as a standalone web application firewall or as an optional component of Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager. 

SteelApp Web Accelerator (formerly Stingray Aptimizer Software)

Faster web applications, happier users, and liberated developers – these are a few of the many benefits of SteelApp Web Accelerator. Sophisticated web content optimization (WCO) techniques automatically speed up public websites, intranets, cloud apps, and Microsoft SharePoint deployments. 

SteelCentral™ Services Controller for SteelApp™ (formerly Stingray Services Controller Software)

Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use? SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp automates the deployment, licensing, and metering of your application delivery services. It gives each of your applications a dedicated ADC instance, in a high-density multi-tenanted platform. And with a new services enabling business model, you are in control of your costs. In fact, you can allocate the charges to each client application based on hourly metering to offer ADC-as-a-Service to your customers and applications. 

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