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Switch Port & IP Address Management Software

IP Address Management

IP Address Management

  Switch Port Mapper

Switch Port Management

Discover, Scan and manage your IP Space collaboratively. Map all your switch ports to devices down to its physical location.
Detect Rogue Devices

Detect Rogue Devices

Network Tools

Backup Cisco Config Files

Identify and block rogue devices before they penetrate into your network. Backup startup and running config of Cisco Routers / Switches periodically.
Detect Rogue Devices

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Network Tools

Network Tools

Monitor and analyze the trend of bandwidth usage statistics of your devices. Get additional 30+ tools to monitor and troubleshoot your network..

What problems does it solve?

OpUtils with its integrated set of 30+ tools that helps network engineers to effectively manage their IT infrastructure with the following:

  • Map switch ports to devices
  • Manage IP Addresses
  • Detect unauthorized network access
  • Monitor bandwidth utilization of devices
  • Monitor health and availability of critical devices
  • Backing up configuration files of routers/switches

What features does it offer?

Diagnostic Tools, Address Monitoring Tools, Network Monitoring Tools, Server Monitoring Tools, Cisco Tools, SNMP Tools, Custom Tools, and Reports.

What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Technologies: SNMP, ICMP, CLI

Some of Our Customers
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