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OS Imaging

OS Imaging

  OS Deployment

OS Deployment

Capture the master image of your computer with OS and Applications offline or online Automate deployment of OS to provision new computers or to repair OS quickly
Deployment Templates

Deployment Template

Universal Deployment

Universal Deployment

Create and maintain different deployment templates to match the user roles or departments Maintain a single master image irrespective of the hardware to which it is being deployed



Centralized Disk Image Capturing

The OS Deployment automation starts at capturing the image of the OS, which will then be deployed to systems as and when required. Organizations, typically, capture the images of various OS that they use and store them in a central location, preferably in a network share or in a removable media. These images are used for deployment to either new computers or to corrupt PCs as required. ManageEngine OS Deployer supports imaging a system both on the offline and online mode:

Online OS Imaging

Online Imaging

Online imaging means that the master system is imaged live (without reboot or suspending operations). Online imaging can be performed remotely whenever you need.

Offline OS Imaging

Offline Imaging

Offline imaging means that the master system is stopped and the master computer boots into ManageEngine (or PE) environment.

Imaging Features

OS Deployer supports the following advanced features while creating an image.

Select Partitions to Image
  OS Deployer can create an image of:
  • Single Partition
  • Several Partitions
  • An entire single hard disk
  • Entire several hard disks
Images can be saved to:
  • Local HDD
  • External HDD
  • Network Shared Folder
  • CD/DVD
Image Protection

Image Protection

Images can be password protected to protect from unauthorized access

Image Compression Level

Compression Level

The image size can be minimized by setting a high compression ratio

Image Splitting

Image Splitting

Images can be split into smaller sizes to suit the size of the removable media or the available free space

Image Splitting

Image Validation

Images can be validated after creating an image




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