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ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk software with integrated asset management built on ITIL framework. More than 20,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 different languages.

ServiceDesk Plus comes in 3 editions - Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition.

Help Desk Workflow

Help Desk Workflow


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ServiceDesk Plus Editions

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Help Desk Management

ServiceDesk Plus help desk management gives you everything to manage your help desk requests effectively. It includes self-service portal, knowledge base, auto routing of requests, notifications, sla management, email integration, LDAP, AD integration, API integration, custom request form, user survey, flash reports, multi-site support, help desk reporting.

IT Help Desk Software-Self Service Portal

IT Help Desk Software-Knowledge Base

  • Self-service portal to enable login for users to submit their trouble tickets
  • Web-based knowledge-base system for users and technicians to search and add the troubleshooting docs
  • NMS Integration to integrate with Network Monitoring Software for tracking events and network failures
  • Service Level Agreements to set escalation levels for the SLA violations
  • Multi-site functionality to manage requests, assets and technicians separately for different sites in your organization
  • Email Integration to handle all the help desk emails sent by the users
  • Notification alerts via email or sms, to inform users or technicians for request handling
  • Request scheduling to manage and track the preventive maintenance tasks
  • API integration to integrate your web-based help desk software with any third-party software
  • Active Directory integration to enable user authentication with single sign-on functionality Robo technician to automate the "reset password requests"
  • Request survey to know the technician competent level and user satisfaction level on request resolutions
  • Flash Reports to get a consolidated view on what is happening with your help desk
  • Help Desk Reports to schedule and review the reports based on Request-status, SLA-violation and many more from the list of default reports or to create your own custom reports
Asset Management

ServiceDesk Plus asset management helps you manage and track all the assets in your organization. It includes integrated Asset Management, Purchase Management, Contracts Management along with Help desk(Standard Edition Features). The Asset management also comes with Software compliance & license tracking, Product Catalog, Asset Reports etc.

IT Help Desk Software-Asset Management

IT Help Desk Software-Asset Relationship

  • Asset scan to add all assets across the organization without any manual effort
  • Track information pertaining to all the assets and relate each request to specific assets
  • Automatic asset discovery to detect and update the hardware and software changes periodically
  • Remote Control to access any workstation in your network
  • Asset relationship to find out the dependability of an asset
  • Dynamic asset groups to manage asset based on its properties
  • Product catalog to create and manage a comprehensive list of all the assets and product types that your organization owns
  • Software license management to track software usage, license violations and ensure compliance
  • Software license compliance to maintain accurate software information for software audits
  • Software usage tracking to manage the purchase of frequently used software
  • Purchase management to track and manage your IT purchases, Generate POs and automatically create assets from POs
  • Contract management to track all your support/maintenance contracts and lease agreements and get alerted when contracts are due for expiry
ITIL Ready

ServiceDesk Plus ITIL ready helps to streamline your IT service with the ITIL best practices easily. The workflow designed out of the box helps you implement without any expert consultations. It includes Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management and Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

IT Help Desk Software-Asset Relationship

  • Incident Management - Restore normal services as soon as possible with workarounds or solutions to make sure that it does not affect business
  • Problem Management - Find the root cause of incidents and reduce the impact on business. Problem Management is a proactive approach that prevents recurrence of incidents
  • Change Management - Implement a comprehensive change management system that allows you to handle pre-approved changes and changes with complete approval cycle
  • Configuration Management Database(CMDB) -CMDB is a centralized repository that holds all the information about all the assets. CMDB also manages the relationship between the Configuration Items (CIs)