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The wireless industry is rapidly changing and evolving.

Technology standards are continually developing to make wireless better, faster, and less expensive than ever before. And these standards are just a starting point, the foundations on which significant innovations are built to continue to push the frontiers of performance, reliability, and price.

All this innovation makes it feasible, for the first time, for fixed wireless technology to become significantly competitive with traditional wireless modes of broadband delivery in increasingly high density environments. Once the exclusive domain of cable and copper providers, the suburban, urban, and enterprise markets now represent an incredible opportunity for competitive broadband delivery via fixed wireless technology.

Mimosa products were designed to enable the delivery of fiber-fast broadband connectivity at a fraction of the cost of traditional wireline solutions, in any environment, from low-density rural broadband to high-capacity, high-reliability business connectivity for the enterprise.


For decades the primary market for fixed wireless solutions, rural communities remain grossly underserved by incumbent broadband providers. Fixed wireless solutions economically deliver point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) connectivity to deliver fast and reliable Internet access to residential and business subscribers in rural areas. More often than not, the rural WISP is the only viable option for broadband delivery in rural areas.

Mimosa’s comprehensive line of backhaul, access and client products deliver fiber-like broadband connectivity to rural residential and business customers at the lowest cost-to-performance ratio in the industry.

From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans…with the right wireless solution you can expand your broadband business anywhere.

Home on the Range
Prairie Hills Wireless - Nebraska, USA

The Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is based in Ravenna, a small town of less than 1,400 people and home to the annual Annevar festival, a palindrome of the town’s name.


Long the exclusive domain of incumbent cable and DSL providers, the suburban market represents the largest competitive opportunity for today’s modern WISP. Ubiquitous wireline broadband penetration remains out of reach, and many communities of suburban population density remain grossly underserved by traditional broadband providers. Many of these communities have limited options beyond antiquated copper services, and competitive broadband options are quite limited. And, the lack of available broadband increases significantly in areas of challenging economic demographics.

Significant advancements in wireless technology, coupled with Mimosa innovations purpose-built to deliver high-performance broadband at lower cost, have enabled the modern WISP to become increasingly competitive with incumbent broadband providers in suburban markets. For the first time, the modern WISP has the ability to deliver a broadband network that is higher in performance and reliability, significantly less expensive, and much more flexible than traditional broadband delivery networks. And the modern WISP can deliver this service much quicker, with infrastructure expansion and installation coinciding almost immediately with subscriber acquisition.

Go ahead. Take on the big guys. With Mimosa in your arsenal you’ve got the ammunition to be fiercely competitive.

Sail Internet

Sail Internet wanted to launch a short-range, high-density suburban MicroPoP.


There’s no business in densely populated cities, right? Providers like Big Cable Co., Mega DSL Corp. and Mobile Profit Inc. own this market. Right?

Wrong. These companies are the default providers of urban broadband today, but there are significant competitive opportunities in this market for the modern WISP. As with suburban environments, there is a significant lack of diversity and competitive options in broadband delivery in urban landscapes. Cable and DSL are seemingly ubiquitous, but many economically depressed areas, or areas with aging infrastructure, simply do not have competitive fixed broadband options, if any. Additionally, new urban developments provide significant opportunities for alternative broadband delivery, as wireless solutions can deliver last 300m access for a cost that is orders of magnitude less than traditional wireline solutions.

Neighborhood access, MDU developments, institutional and educational campuses…all represent potential opportunities for the modern WISP. Smart city applications, public safety, traffic and video monitoring, municipal mixed use…all provide an opportunity for the modern WISP to forge profitable public/private partnerships.

The city’s a scary place. If you don’t have the right plan. Let us help you tame the urban fixed broadband beast.

Giga Internet

Giga Internet was looking to upgrade their network to handle ever-increasing traffic.


Big pipes with massive capacity. Always on connectivity that delivers ‘five nines’ reliability. Performance to deliver video, voice and data services. These service requirements are no longer the exclusive domain of fiber providers.

The enterprise market represents a significant opportunity for the modern WISP and managed IT service provider. Massive scalability, high performance and rock solid reliability can be quickly, easily and cost effectively deployed to enterprise customers via Mimosa fixed wireless solutions. And with both licensed and unlicensed solutions available, connectivity can be easily customized for any business need, from large enterprise campuses to small businesses.

Expand your business to take on the big guys. And the little guys. And all the guys in between. With Mimosa, they can now all be your clients. 



The industry leader in gigabit+ unlicensed and licensed backhaul. Incredible performance at any distance for demanding consumer, business and public safety applications.

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Unlicensed Backhaul


Unlicensed Connectorized Backhaul


Unlicensed Backhaul


Licensed Backhaul



The first scalable, unlicensed multipoint solution for deploying gigabit+ services in virtually any rural, suburban or urban environment.

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Multipoint Access


Multipoint Connectorized Access




Connectorized Client


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Game Changing

Massive MIMO technology delivers industry leading performance, network scaling and reliability at the best possible cost performance. Together with the most advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities available in the Mimosa cloud, deploying bandwidth and maintaining your links has never been this fast and easy.

Choosing the Right Backhaul

Recognized as the industry's best backhaul solution, reliably deliver gigabit connectivity to any location with ease.

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Unparalleled Access

Cutting edge multipoint technology for service providers to affordability deliver the industry's 1st scalable gigabit wireless broadband network.

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Also Could Have One Here

Incredible Internet service goes far beyond just great speed it's about building geographically scalable and reliable networks. Mimosa brings together the industry's best speeds, client capacity, interference management, and critical spectrum reuse sync technology to build amazingly scalable networks.

Choosing the Right Access

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G2 WIFI Gateway

Cloud-managed, drop-dead simple on-prem WiFi. End-to-end network visibility like this lets you avert support issues before they ever arise. Real Big Wireless in a really small package.