Silver Peak

WAN Optimization

Software Defined WAN Optimization


IT organizations around the globe choose Silver Peak WAN optimization to overcome network performance challenges and lower ongoing WAN costs. Silver Peak stands out thanks to:

Virtual flexibility. Silver Peak offers the industry’s only multi-gigabit virtual WAN optimization solution and is the only WAN optimization software to run on every major hypervisor. The software is available for immediate download and free trial via the Silver Peak software marketplace.

Highest capacity. With the broadest portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimization products, Silver Peak delivers the most cost-effective WAN optimization for branch offices, data centers, and the cloud.

Any application. Silver Peak’s WAN optimization improves the performance of all enterprise and SaaS applications, regardless of transport protocol or version — all without the risk of corrupting data or altering application behavior. No plug-ins are required, which expedites deployment and saves both time and money.

Cloud-Ready. Silver Peak VX software and NX appliances can be used to build out the Silver Peak Unity intelligent WAN fabric, which unifies the enterprise WAN with the Internet and public cloud. Unity gives IT the ability to monitor and control connectivity to the cloud while ensuring consistent performance for every enterprise and SaaS application.



Featured Use Cases

Silver Peak is ideal for cloud providers and cloud subscribers, alike.

Protect 20x More Data over Your Existing Network.

Consolidate Without Sacrificing Performance


  • Deployable anytime, anywhere from software marketplace
  • Set it and forget it. Works on all applications without special configuration or software.
  • Cost effective. High capacity virtual and physical devices = minimal investment cost.
  • Future proofed. Optimize any application, regardless of version or transport protocol.
  • Industry leading scalability. Multi Gbps throughput in a single virtual or physical device