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Simplify the way you deploy devices, applications and updates, keeping them secure and manageable, all while enabling a higher service experience for users.

Today, end users are more tech-savvy than ever before. They want a simple, intuitive experience. They expect to access and deploy the apps they need to do their jobs as easily as they do with personal apps. And when it isn’t easy, unauthorized purchasing and deploying of apps is almost a certainty. With end user devices so heavily intertwined into every part of our working day, users don’t have time to wait.

As an IT manager, you need control of your desktop and server environment. Devices need to be deployed in hours, not days. And your environment needs to be secure, up-to-date and compliant. All the while being seamless to your users.

A centrally managed IT approach – whereby applications, security updates and SOE are automatically deployed to endpoint devices – ensures you and your users have the experience and control you need.

Leveraging enterprise class tool-sets, you can simplify and automate the way you deploy hardware images, applications, and updates, keeping them secure and manageable, all enabling a higher quality service experience.

Use the same best-of-breed, secure and resilient tools, applications and SOE we use ourselves, delivered using enterprise class management, reporting and distribution systems.

How does it work

Centralized IT Management automates the deployment of a Standard Operating Environment (SOE), applications and comprehensive security updates to all customer endpoint devices. Reporting will enable license and compliance scorecard tracking.

The platform provides:

  • App store for all application deployments
  • Windows 10 based SOE
  • Security updates for the SOE and standard applications
  • Localised distribution

Localised distribution of SOE, applications and security updates is enabled through leveraging advanced distribution software. 1E Nomad is used to enable every computer to become a distribution point for other computers on the network. This eliminates local infrastructure requirements, and enables super-fast deployment.

App Store – Managed Applications

Managed Applications provides an app store, enabling users to have self-service application installation capabilities using the Microsoft SCCM Software Center. A standard list of applications is available for all users, mitigating the need for staff to have administrative privileges to install applications.

Custom or non-standard applications can be added to the app store for a one time cost.

Standard Operating Environment – Managed SOE

Managed Desktop provides a ready to go Windows10 or Server 2012R2/2016 based SOE for use by all customers. The Integralis SOE is developed and maintained by Integralis IT, updated quarterly, will have the latest features.

A standard hardware compatibility list will ensure the most common hardware can leverage the Integralis SOE. Hardware drivers on the compatibility list will be kept up-to-date quarterly, in addition to standard Windows 10 driver updates.

Hardware not on the compatibility list will be required to meet minimum requirements, and driver imports completed.

Security Updates – Managed Updates

Supplementing our IT’s existing patching capabilities, this product will enable the distribution and reporting of third party patching (non-Microsoft) to the regular patching schedule for customers most common desktop applications and certain server based/ technical applications.

With our enterprise monitoring and reporting tools, allow us to proactively manage your devices, ensuring security compliance, and up-to-date licencing obligations. We will let you know when something is amiss, and provide the recommended course of action.


We love the Centralised IT Management approach so much, we use it ourselves.

The tools are accessible: your team can work and collaborate anywhere they are, and have access to all the information they need securely from any device.

They’re consistent: The SOE and applications are consistently deployed across all your devices, meaning that everyone has a common user experience.

Proactive monitoring: In most cases, we know when something is amiss before you do, we’ll keep track of your application licensing obligations, security compliance and we’ll openly report on everything as part of the monthly report cycle.

And it’s fully customisable:  We know every business has unique applications and devices requirements. We’ll work with you to get these into the platform system, so you can enjoy the benefits across the board.

Enterprise Grade Tool-sets: We use tried and tested Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager coupled with 1E Nomad that enable localised distribution of SOE and applications, keeping your WAN bandwidth in check whilst being able to deploy in record time.

Support: We’re here to help, your staff are just a phone call or an email away from help at any time. Imagine them calling us instead of you to install an application, or even re-build their computer over lunch. The possibilities are endless.



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