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July 6, 2021

Hackers demand $92m in bitcoin for data stolen during attack on US IT company Kaseya

Hackers are demanding $US70 million ($92.9 million) in bitcoin in exchange for data stolen during a "gargantuan" attack on a US...
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May 10, 2021

SolarWinds: Hackers Accessed Our Office 365 Since Early 2019

Hackers persistently accessed SolarWinds’ internal systems, Microsoft Office 365 environment and software development environment for months before carrying out their...
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May 4, 2021

SolarWinds, Microsoft Hacks Prompt Focus on Zero-Trust Security

Officials push for a more proactive approach to cybersecurity following the success of recent attacks In the wake of the massive...
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April 13, 2021

Ransomware attack to blame for Federal Group’s casino pokies outage in Tasmania

Tasmania's lone casino operator has confirmed it is being held to ransom in a cyber attack that has impacted its...
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April 6, 2021

Facebook data leak: Australians urged to check and secure social media accounts

Experts urge users to secure accounts and passwords after breach exposes personal details of more than 500 million people Australians...
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March 29, 2021

Channel Nine confirms live broadcasts disrupted by cyber attack

A cyber attack has disrupted Channel Nine's live broadcasts out of Sydney, the company says. The broadcaster was unable to air...
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March 29, 2021

Authorities investigate cause of crippling Federal Parliament IT disruption

Australia's cyber authorities are working to establish what has caused a crippling IT disruption at Federal Parliament that has left...
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February 24, 2021

SolarWinds hack was work of ‘at least 1,000 engineers’, tech executives tell Senate

Tech executives revealed that a historic cybersecurity breach that affected about 100 US companies and nine federal agencies was larger...
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January 12, 2021

CISA: SolarWinds Hackers Got Into Networks by Guessing Passwords

The agency also highlighted new indicators of compromise and recommendations for mitigating follow on activity involving Microsoft Cloud users. Perpetrators...
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January 11, 2021

Are Australians at a ‘turning point’ on cybersecurity or still unprepared?

Australians are on high alert about the threat of cyber attacks following Prime Minister Scott Morrison's warning in June that...
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