How Integralis Can Provide A Smooth Transition To New Premises

Moving to new premises is a challenging time for any organisation. Aside from the logistics of the move itself there are other key considerations, such as business continuity and backing up essential data, that need to be prepared and planned for. IT infrastructure can be a challenge to transition seamlessly from one location to another, but with the right support, this is possible to achieve. Working with Integralis means that your business will have that support in a number of key areas to ensure that your move to a new location is as smooth as it can be.

Planning / Audit / Review And Updating

From an IT perspective, every business move needs to begin with assessing current systems and equipment and looking at the changes that will need to happen in a new location – this is often best achieved by specialists who can assess the existing infrastructure against the business’ needs and the features of the new location. Recommendations can be made as to how to implement the transition and any useful upgrades that could take place during the move.

  • Audit – identifying all current IT and telecoms equipment in use to provide a full picture of how the business’ IT currently functions and what needs to be accounted for during the move.
  • Review – looking at whether the business has outgrown certain systems, how existing services meet expectations (or not) and if anything needs to be replaced to support better performance.
  • Updating – there are opportunities to improve operating efficiency and save on costs by updating and upgrading IT, and a relocation is a good time to do this.
  • Planning – IT and telecoms are essential to most businesses; planning their transition to a new location is key to ensuring business continuity.
Back-Up And Servers

Protecting a business’ critical data and securing servers is essential for maintaining high-quality security throughout a business move. It may be that switching to cloud-based services before a relocation provides the simplest and most secure way of ensuring that critical data remains accessible and secured at this time. Integralis can help your business to prepare for a move by investing in cloud data storage and services, assessing your requirements to find the right services and managing the transition to ensure that data is protected throughout the move.

Reduce Downtime

IT downtime is one of the worst possible outcomes during an office move. There is simply no need to expect clients and customers – or staff – to put up with a loss of service because of a relocation. A well-organised move will minimise downtime involved so that key stakeholders barely notice the transition. We can work with your business to support its relocation to reduce downtime to a minimum and ensure that the switch is seamless.


Working with a skilled team during an office move will ensure that you don’t run into connectivity issues. From insufficient connection points to problems with cabling, there is a lot that can go wrong from a connectivity perspective. Integralis can assess the equipment that forms part of your business infrastructure and which will require connectivity in new premises, from printers and faxes through to fans, telephones and computers. We can ensure that you not only have sufficient connectivity but that it has been well planned to optimise the space available and avoid common problems, such as interference or power surges.

While an office move is often a stressful time, when it comes to the IT aspects of a business transition, ensuring the above are covered will provide a firm foundation for relocation success.

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